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Complex financial duties nearly always require a person or team to manage them for businesses. Many businesses employ accountants to undertake these responsibilities. Accountants need specific talents to carry out the required duties at work. If your company is in need of a qualified accountant, it’s important to first gain a thorough understanding of their main duties and specializations.

What are accountants and accounting skills?

Accountants, often known as Certified Public Accountants or CPAs, are educated experts that manage a company's financial information. Accountants might work for an organization's internal accounting department or for an external client-facing accounting business. The majority of accountants manage tax forms and papers, undertake financial research, and make sure the business is handling its money legally.

Right from the start: accounting skills

To do their jobs well, accountants should develop a mix of hard talents and soft skills. Here are the exact qualifications you should check in prospective accountants for your company.

Hard skills

Accountants can work in-house for a business or for an outside client-serving accounting firm. The majority of accountants provide financial analysis, make sure the business is handling its money legally, and manage tax forms and documents.

  • Competency with numbers
  • Corporate finance
  • Research
  • Management
  • Data entry
  • Analysis
  • Problem-solving
  • Computer proficiency  


Soft skills

Even if these abilities are primarily geared towards interpersonal relationships and communication, they are nonetheless helpful for the tasks and obligations of an accountant.

  • Attention to detail
  • Confidentiality
  • Strong time management
  • Accuracy
  • Organization
  • Planning skills
  • Communication
  • Ability to self-motivate
  • Teamwork

Key duties, roles and responsibilities

A variety of financial data must be managed and evaluated by accountants.Here are some of the most common duties, roles and responsibilities of an accountant:


  1. Manage tax returns
  2. Prepare financial documents like income statements and balance sheets
  3. Work with auditors both within and outside of the company to ensure legal compliance
  4. Verify that all bookkeeping is accurate and complies with applicable state and federal law.
  5. Create budgets or advise on the creation of budgets
  6. Properly store and manage financial data
  7. Regularly review bookkeeping for accuracy
  8. Evaluate and revise your accounting methods as necessary.
  9. Make financial recommendations
  10. Keep sensitive and safe records of vital financial information
  11. Create financial forecasts
  12. Communicate with clients and in-house stakeholders 


Types of accountants

Accountants can work in a variety of settings. The sort of accounting required for the position will determine the abilities your accountant needs to do their job as effectively as possible. The following list of accountant kinds and work settings includes the most prevalent ones:









accountants play a critical role in managing and evaluating a company's financial information. They require a mix of hard skills such as competency with numbers, research, and computer proficiency, as well as soft skills such as attention to detail, strong time management, and teamwork. Accountants are responsible for managing tax returns, preparing financial documents, ensuring legal compliance, and creating financial forecasts, among other duties. There are various types of accountants who work in different settings, and understanding their specific skills and roles is essential in finding the right fit for your business.



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