About Us

Jobkatta, India's first job platform, connects startup founders, business owners, recruiters, and HR heads directly to job seekers and candidates. Jobkatta intelligent AI-matching algorithms, inbuilt chat, and verification features make it possible to schedule interviews within the app. It connects candidates with decision-makers quickly.

Jobkatta is a chat-based, direct hiring platform designed for high-growth startups to meet their hiring needs without consultants and with 100% data privacy.

Vijay Nilatkar is the co-founder and CEO/Editor of M/s Job Nagpur Com News and leads a team of 300+ professionals committed to enabling SMEs to hire talent in just one day. Jobkatta is a solution specifically designed for startups, allowing decision-makers (CEO, HR, TL) to communicate directly with potential candidates.

Hire the Right Talent (For Startups)

Job seekers apply to jobs online expecting a more seamless process. However, since the traditional hiring process has not evolved, as per the dynamics of the Indian startup ecosystem, it has not been able to connect the candidates directly with the startup founders.

Get Hired For The Right Job (For Job Seekers)

Jobkatta has been customized as per the need of an hour, helping the job seekers to connect directly with the Founders, Business Owners, and the HRs, anytime and anywhere.

Jobkatta also eliminates the scope of recruitment consultants in-between, enabling a direct connection between the candidate and the startup founders, ensuring 100% data privacy.